Dare – It’s Back to Bulgaria

SONY DSCThis will be my second trip to Bulgaria. So why is it a dare? What courage is required to go, especially since I have been before?

I am a creature of habit. I like my routines. But sometimes routines become ruts. It’s easy to put life on auto-pilot and go about daily activities with a certain degree of comfort.

Once you get in a rut (when driving anyway) subtle movements on the steering wheel usually don’t work, they aren’t enough to overcome the inertia. If you want out, you have to “yank” the wheel decisively.

So why Bulgaria? Why now? The why Bulgaria part is pretty easy. I enjoyed the people and the different culture; my past experience was a satisfying experience. Now there is an opportunity, an opening to go and teach. I really enjoy teaching. I go to teach, but I learn through the process.

So you may be wondering why a dare is involved…why would this take a modicum of courage? I value security and the predictable; call it managed risk. Traveling to the other side of the world introduces a whole new set of variables. There are concerns I have about the future, challenges and uncertainty.

I pray for God’s direction and listen for a sense of direction and timing. This is a trip focused on providing leadership training for pastors and leaders. This trip has an added benefit from my perspective, a business seminar.

After considerable prayer and conversation, I have decided: this is the right time. There are always reasons not to go, always concerns. The real questions are, am I willing to:

  • trust?
  • to be wrong?
  • to confront and share my concerns?
  • step out and participate in a new adventure?
  • have a new familiar experience?

Because the experience will be somewhat familiar, I am tempted to expect the same, rather than anticipate the new possibilities. Most important, this isn’t about me, it’s a chance to grow…to “yank the wheel” and travel a different path.

I am excited about this opportunity. I plan to write about it here.

I leave March 13, 2013.

Part of my new routine for this year is paying attention to my themes. I am glad I had an opportunity to put this into practice so soon.



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