Making the Turn

My good friend has a motivational poster. It’s a picture of what appears to be a vast Arizona landscape with a distinct road that makes a switchback turn just before running off the frame and it continues back in the direction it came.

The caption: A bend in the road is not the end of the road unless you fail to make the turn.

You may have heard about it. Recently I was planning on a trip to Bulgaria. This was to be my second trip.

On the morning of my scheduled departure, I finished packing, then went to my office to check-in online. As I was checking-in, a pop-up message indicated my boarding documents were insufficient. I called the airline and discovered that my passport expiration was too close to my scheduled return date.

I called the Bulgarian embassy; there was nothing they could do.

I contacted the passport office in Washington D.C. The soonest appointment available for a walk-in renewal was one day after my planned return. A call to the office didn’t produce a solution either, there are stand-by slots but these were already taken.

At this point, I conceded and notified my contacts in Europe.

Here is what I am learning:

It’s easy to trust when things are going as planned; it gets tricky when the road appears to double back.

I don’t have to understand to trust, I believe in a God that is bigger than events like this one.

When my passport is within one year of expiration, renew it!

I met a new contact who lives in Sofia, Bulgaria. We have had a Skype conversation. This wouldn’t have happened.

Life happens, be thankful for all of it.

I have some new material that I prepared for the trip!

Trust God for all things.



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